Training Plan Tuesday #10 – August 2019

Writing about my monthly training is helping me to stay focused on it. However, I was in Iowa last week where the weather was beautiful and I didn’t have access to internet, so no post then. And now it’s Wednesday and not Tuesday, so I’m not sure it’s keeping me consistent on the blog. Take a look at what I did and what happens next… Continue reading “Training Plan Tuesday #10 – August 2019”

Training Plan Tuesday #9 – July 2019

The year is halfway gone! Can you believe it?! I have been spending a lot of my summer break lounging at people’s pools and on the beach, but also running, biking, doing yoga and Pilates and a host of other activities. Now it’s July and I’ll be headed back to work part-time for the month which will cut down on my “lounging” time and increase my activity time. I feel like June was my lax month, but….. Continue reading “Training Plan Tuesday #9 – July 2019”

Training Plan Tuesday #8 – June 2019

It has felt like it is a MILLION degrees outside lately which has really impacted my training. For much of the month of May temps in Wilmington were over 80F by 8am. I used to be a hot weather runner, but this year I am struggling with it. Therefore, starting on Friday (when my kiddos are finally out of school), my workouts will once again shift to early morning. Continue reading “Training Plan Tuesday #8 – June 2019”

Training Plan Tuesday #7 – May 2019

The semester is ending for me this week and that means that my gym access is on hold until Fall. So, I have devised a plan for the summer months to keep myself active daily, not to lose major gains I have made in the formats I teach, play into time constraints and weather challenges, and to conquer a large goal.

But, before I unleash the May plan, let’s play catch up on April. Continue reading “Training Plan Tuesday #7 – May 2019”

Training Plan Tuesday #4 – March 2019

Injuries abound at our house these days. On February 24th my oldest son accidentally took me out football tackle style after I had just finished my hour of Pilates and 30 minutes of Yoga. I was already behind on my workouts for the weekend, but after the tackle I found myself with a knee that sounded like potato chips were crackling every time I squatted down. I was super bummed that I was going to have to take it easy in my teaching that week because I really needed the stress relief exercise brings me.

On Tuesday my stress went through the roof! I was listening to my body and didn’t teach step aerobics and couldn’t motivate myself to workout on my own. It was race week for my kids’ school and I am on the race committee. I figured my time would be better spent doing some race duties because that was the source of my stress for the week…..or so I thought. On my way to run an errand for the race, the school called and my youngest had taken a big fall on the playground. I rushed him to the emergency orthopedic clinic and he ended up in a temporary cast with a possible broken elbow.

By the end of the week my pinky on my right hand was not able to extend itself without pain (too much computer and phone time in race prep mode) and by then end of race weekend my left shoulder was popping. I have a feeling that’s from sleeping wrong with a kid in my bed. Oh, and yesterday we found out that E has a figure 8 shaped hairline fracture of the humerus at the elbow… we’re in a real cast for 10 days. And, did I mention that baseball/t-ball start this week?! Overall, I skipped a bunch of workouts at the start of March and now we’re at the first Tuesday…

Here’s a little recap of my workouts in February:

Last year in February I ran and walked almost 72 miles. This year it was so much lower because I am doing so many more things. I am not training for a race in March like I did last year. And still I managed to only have 6/28 days with no recorded activity.

Now we’re on to March 2019! Well, this month I’m doing some kettlebell training in order to prepare for a workshop I am teaching in a couple of weeks. I will be using that instead of my functional training days for the first half of the month and doubling them with pool days. I have missed quite a few pool days lately, but I hope to get some new goggles and a new suit this week to get me back into the water.

My 4 mile runs have already shifted to 5 mile runs and I will do the Cindi Lee Yoga for Hamstrings video on run days to complement them.  I will also stay with the Pilates practice that I’ve been doing because there are some moves in Upside Down Pilates Groundwork Level II that are still kicking my butt!

One thing I am looking forward to this month is reaching 100Km goal on the Me v. Year Challenge and hope you will follow my progress on

Do you do two a days?

What do you pair together?

Workout Wednesday #5 – 5 Favorite Pilates Exercises

Pilates is one of the things that I wish I gave more attention to in my life. I spend a lot of time (until recently) doing yoga and running. I had originally intended to share with you some running warm-up drills, but decided instead to share instead, my 5 Favorite Pilates Exercises in the hopes that it will also help me to get back into the habit of doing them! I am traveling to one of my favorite out of town workshop sites the end of March to teach a Mat Pilates workshop for NETA, so it’d be great if I could get a little more regular practice under my belt before I get there!

Here are a few other posts I’ve written about Pilates in the past:


You Mean Pilates Was a DUDE?!

Fast Friday Tips: Nayoya No-No

And, as always….

While I am a fitness professional with multiple degrees and certifications, this workout is unsolicited, un-sponsored, and not intended as advice for you to use to diagnose your own injuries, treat them, nor rehab anything; nor is it an exercise prescription that will meet your personal needs, likes, and abilities. Please check in with your healthcare professional if you’re having health problems and before starting any new exercise routine.

You Mean Pilates Was a DUDE?!

This is the third in a series of posts about Men’s Health and Fitness. I read some articles recently in the IDEA Fitness Journal that sparked this series of posts. Of what I read, one statement stuck out to me the most:

Before Anthony Dominici, a Los Angeles-based executive producer and filmmaker, discovered that Pilates was named after Joseph Pilates, he thought ‘pilates’ “sounded a little ‘light’ for a workout.”

Continue reading “You Mean Pilates Was a DUDE?!”

Workout Wednesday: Glute Attack!

My runs are suffering a little now that I’m nearing 3 miles. (Please tell me about your running habits by clicking over to my Runners’ Survey. I think it’s always a good idea to share info with fellow runners, now I want to know about yours!) I have started to have pain in my right hip again and my left knee, ankle, and hammy are giving me grief as well. Not that the Bradford Pear Trees aren’t somewhat to blame for the decline in performance, but it’s also lack of a consistent run schedule, and working on how to be best hydrated/fed when I run.

But there’s one more performance factor that I haven’t addressed in the last 4 months of run training and that is my strength. I have been doing Yoga, running, and now some Pilates, but I haven’t been doing drills like I should and I’ve gotten away from a consistent body weight training program geared toward improving my run performance. I alluded to this in my 30 Days posts here and I linked up with the info from Running on Happy and muscle imbalances here, but I still didn’t commit on my own.

So, in the interest of sharing links, here are two things that were sitting on my phone browser awaiting to be read for some time and I finally took them in and to heart!

4 Ways to Become a Better Runner this Year

Number 3 is build strength…..duh!

5 Must-Do Glute Exercises for Runners and Cyclists

  1. Supine Bridges (Double and Single Leg) – When you do these, make sure that the hips stay level, even if you’re only doing one leg. The raised leg shouldn’t move independently of the other leg….the pelvis is a set here and the glutes are meant to do the work. I do these a lot when I teach yoga and Pilates with a different focus on each, but I need to find ways to challenge my own glutes and not just do a few reps for class.
  2. Clamshells – I did this one a lot in physical therapy. It also targets the dreaded piriformis muscle that ends up having to be foam rolled out, but talk of foam rollers is for another day.
  3. Squats – We know how much I love the squat….check it out here and here and tons of other posts I’ve written about them.
  4. Single Leg Squats – See number 3
  5. Step-Ups – I wish I had a better place to practice this than the back steps to our house, but the only set of stairs in the house are not deep enough for good step-ups. I also will be using the picnic tables as we have different heights for different work.

So, what’s the moral of the story here? For the next six weeks, my M,W,F runs will also include glute work to see if I can’t get that distance going again. Glutes are important in climbs and my courses are starting to involve a few more “hills” here at the beach.

What’s your favorite glute exercise?

What are you doing to improve your strength?

Where are you muscle imbalances?

What is your typical/recurrent running injury?