My Dunkin Donuts Strategies

This post was inspired by a few things I’ve been reading on other sites and a discussion I had on the phone yesterday with my bestie Sarrah.

I was telling her about how I wrote yesterday about yoga saving me from really falling into a real depression and how it also helps me to deal with being a mom and handling my kids. We were talking about how it’s okay sometimes to lose it with your kids….in a sane way….because they have to learn how to deal. I was also talking about the need to stay engaged with the fitness industry so that I don’t swing too far one way. Continue reading “My Dunkin Donuts Strategies”

Meditation Monday #17 – How to Meditate: Dhyana

Dhyana is the seventh step in the 8 limb path of yoga and is considered the penultimate practice of yoga. Dhyana is meditation.

Meditation is a tricky thing and all of the exercises that I’ve asked you to do in this series so far with Mindfulness and Concentration have all been practice for meditation. In the traditional sense meditation requires that you sit still, breathe, and keep your mind on one predetermined focus.

What do you do when thoughts come into your head? Well, you sort them. You keep the thoughts that promote your meditation topic and discard the ones that do not.

How do I know which thoughts to keep and which to discard? We’ll get more into that next week when we discuss enlightenment, but for now you need to determine what the goal of your meditation is and that will help you decide what to keep and what to eliminate.

What is my focus? Here are four ways that I teach for practicing meditation: Continue reading “Meditation Monday #17 – How to Meditate: Dhyana”

Meditation Monday #15 – How to Meditate: Pratyahara

Welcome to the first installment of How to Meditate! First I’d like to talk to you a little about the process of learning to meditate. In yoga we often study and try to follow the 8limb path of Raja Yoga. This “path” is not necessarily a traditional path or ladder in which you accomplish one step before you move on to the next. Instead is more often represented as a wheel so that you see that each element is connected to the others and that when we live a truly yoga life we encompass all aspects at once.

Continue reading “Meditation Monday #15 – How to Meditate: Pratyahara”