A Unifying Practice by Ayerland Baker – Guest Post

One of the unique things about teaching where I do is that I have both a community college setting and a university setting in the same town. Many of my community college students are working on their gen ed classes before transferring over to the university. Occasionally that means that I get a student twice or their roommate or friend will be in my class at the opposing location. Sometimes they even have a different yoga instructor at the same time and the yoga becomes a shared experience. Here’s one such story from a student of mine:


When first signing up for yoga class at Cape Fear Community College, my initial viewpoint of yoga, before ever taking a yoga class, was that it was all simple stretching and positions that helped you relax. Though yoga does include these assumptions, I soon realized that yoga can be a sufficient workout as well. Not only did yoga begin to stretch my ligaments and muscles in a positive manner, but it created a workout that didn’t necessarily feel like a workout while participating. I would find myself forming sweat as we ran through flows and noticing tenderness and soreness in the days following my yoga class. I realized quickly that I enjoyed the process of yoga much better than I had enjoyed going to the gym or working out in the past. 

As the semester continued I noticed myself getting better at the positions we were practicing in class, able to stretch further, and enjoying myself more and more. While I attended a yoga class at my college, my roommate also was attending a yoga class at her college as well. We were able to use our own experiences in our own practices at home, as well as at local yoga studios where we both fell in love with hot yoga. I found that I could meditate and clear my mind a lot better in a professional yoga studio versus a classroom and that I enjoyed it even better than the class I was already attending and enjoying. Though the semester is coming to an end, I can now take the knowledge I’ve learned from this class and bring it into future classes and my future yoga practice in general.

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TOLT #45 – That OTHER Time I Didn’t Finish Something

Happy Thursday to All! Three weeks from tomorrow I start back teaching at CFCC and I can’t wait! Summer has been great, but I’m looking forward to meeting new students and serving another purpose (other than lunch maker, playdate scheduler, and shuttle bus) on the regular. I LOVE being at home with my kids, but I also got a Masters degree so that I could use it.

Anyway, today I’m linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for another of her infamous TOLT posts. So, check out her site and all of the other great posts you’ll find there today on the link up.

Today I want to really focus on a little sadness I had in my week. It was all about an ending that didn’t happen. Continue reading “TOLT #45 – That OTHER Time I Didn’t Finish Something”

How long to save the leftovers?

I don’t have any new recipes to share this week for What I Made Wednesday, but instead some questions for you.

Do you have this discussion at home? How long do you go before you throw out food? What about expired condiments and OTC medications?

In my life Aparigraha: Non hoarding and the idea of “Letting Go” are recurring themes as well as unfinished lessons for me. There are things that I have a hard time not holding on to, but yet I wish I lived a more minimalist lifestyle. Today my students were again learning about the Yamas and Niyamas of yoga and that 5th Yama: Aprigraha really resonated with me. Why? Because I’ve moved a lot in my lifetime.

Each time I move I get rid of some things. I leave behind something when I move….a house, a job, possessions. Each time I try to hold on to something from that place….memories, friendships. But I’m thinking today that I need to throw out some of the leftovers to make room for new things. Continue reading “How long to save the leftovers?”