50 Years Stronger

50 years ago in the Boston Marathon a woman attempted to compete. She was attacked partway into the race when it was discovered that she was a woman. Yesterday she completed the same event while running one of her fastest marathons ever. This is the kind of strong that I aspire to….not just for MY BEST BODY challenge, but in life. I aspire to be stronger each day. I aspire to stand up for what I believe in. I aspire to get better with age. Kathy Switzer’s race number (261) was officially retired yesterday after she crossed the line.

What will you be doing 50 years from now?

How strong can you get?

Read the whole story here…

TOLT #55 – Who Is This Mythical Superwoman?

I haven’t done a TOLT in awhile and I thank Amanda for continuing to host these great round-ups of talented bloggers! I’m writing this post in advance because of the week I’m having. What kind of week is that? It’s a birthday week for my oldest who is officially 6 as this posts! I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting lately on what it means to be the kind of mom who stays at home, works part time, is a fitness professional, etc, etc. All of the roles I play. I’ve written about roles before and you’re more than welcome to read those posts here:


Instead of bragging about all of the things that I can accomplish this week; today I’m going to play a game: What I thought it would be like vs. What it’s really like.


What I thought it would be like: Soooo much time to get everything done and lots of time for myself. My children would play and interact with me and life would be bliss.

What it’s really like: Nothing gets done on the schedule I expected. When all I had was my one infant son I could easily clean our small apartment, walk the dog, and make dinner for my husband and I sometime before midnight while also breastfeeding, doing laundry, etc. But now, with two headed in two different directions and with the stay-at-home part dwindling little by little each year, I don’t know how things will ever get truly finished or caught up. Some of this is my natural ability to procrastinate and some of it is that we expect too much of any one person in our household. The kids don’t always play when you need them to, they want your attention when it’s least convenient, there needs to be time for you alone, you and your husband, you and your friends (not just during play dates) etc.

Working From Home

What I thought it would be like: Nap times are the perfect time to sit down at the computer and magically get it all done in about 2 hours….right? And I would get so many job offers because of my ability to work so thoroughly and quickly.

What it’s really like: Sometimes nap time doesn’t happen and Word World has to babysit for a few minutes while I review a course, type an email, post grades, etc. I used to teach online courses and my students would complain about the amount of work I gave them….as if I didn’t understand what it was like to work, have a family, have a life, and do schoolwork……who do you think is grading all of your assignments people? And developing them? And answering your emails/texts/phone calls when you have questions/complaints/computer errors?

Working Outside of the Home

What I thought it would be like: Total sadness and missing my babies at every waking moment. They would cry without me and no one would take care of them as well as I could. Something bad would happen at every moment and I would be riddled with the guilt of being away from them.

What it’s really like: Well, part of that is true for me. I do feel guilty and sad when I miss things that I enjoy with them, like tucking them in at night and reading to them. I do not think that anyone feeds them as well as I do and I’m sure they watch way too much tv when I’m not with them. However, there’s a flip side to that. I actually get to be grown up me when I’m at work. There are people who see me as me and as a professional in the field that I have worked in for so long, gone to school for, and care so deeply about the standard of! There are moments of bliss when I’m meditating and imparting wisdom to others. There are moments of bliss when I’m learning from others.

Being a Fitness Professional and a Mom

What I thought it would be like: Because I have all of the knowledge, I would be incredibly fit throughout my pregnancy. I would feed my babies all organic and homemade food. We would do Mommy & Me yoga together from Day 1. I would jog with them in the jogging stroller and win races and still have a beautiful two piece swimwear body….forever…..with no softness or stretchmarks or signs of aging…..EVER!

What it’s really like: I don’t know how the women who meet that ideal do it, but I know I ate Taco Bell more than once with each of my pregnancies. I napped a lot during the first one and gave up running during the first trimester when I thought I would throw up and have a migraine headache from listening to my mp3 player while I ran. I did exercise and teach until he was born and I did make him baby food (most of the time) and I did start back to jogging with him as soon as I was cleared to. What didn’t happen was my stomach never returned and was even more destroyed with the second child (see here) and we did Family Yoga with the big one, but the little one hates it. I do have two very active kids and I have pushed them in the stroller, pulled them behind my bike, and encouraged them to help me with my workouts as much as humanly possible. I lost a lot of weight each time due to breastfeeding, and currently weigh in around 140lbs (more than before each of them), but I’m okay with that (see here). Having “all of the knowledge” means squat in the middle of labor and cravings and tired mornings when your baby cried and nursed all night while teething. It means nothing when it means not putting yourself first in other ways.

I guess this is the one area in which blogging has helped me to realize, it’s okay to not be perfect….

I mean, Who is this mythical Superwoman of a Mom anyway?!


6 Days a Week

Welcome back! It’s the Monday after Planksgiving weekend and I’m starting to look to the next holiday season and the end of the year. I’m thinking about what I want life to look like each day; how I’m going to manage my calendar. In doing so, I’m joining the streak with the amazing women over at Fit is a Feminist Issue.

We’re streaking! Join us?

I’m adapting a little, but I’m committing to myself for the next few weeks until Christmas. I’m doing 6 days a week of exercise by either teaching yoga or running. I started today by not doing my 5 mile run because I didn’t have time, but rather adapting it to be a shorter 2.11 run. streakYou can see that it’d been a week since my last run and that I’m not getting up early for the next few weeks on M/W. This is all to make the streak more achievable for me; meeting my wants, my needs and my likes. My goal is just to get 6 days in each week from now until Christmas.

Want to join us?

Tell me about your streak goal below!

Scaling Back

I’ve been away from the blog for yet another week of trying to make decisions and get through the day. I feel this ever looming presence of a need to reflect and take inventory that keeps me from moving forward as I’d like to. So, to combat that heavy feeling, I’ve decided to scale back on a lot of my goals. The best part of this decision is that it makes me feel confident in what I can achieve and not like I’ve hit yet another set back.

This new frame of mind allows me a little more freedom in my life….. Continue reading “Scaling Back”

TOLT # 44 – The Luckiest Girl in the World!

20160102_161821I know it sounds silly to say that I’m the luckiest girl in the world….but when it comes to my glasses this year, I am!

Two tales of glasses lost…..

Earlier this year I lost one of the lenses in the yard….at night. It took a lot of searching to find it and it was one of those moments that makes you believe in something bigger than yourself. Continue reading “TOLT # 44 – The Luckiest Girl in the World!”

TOLT #42: Unconditional Love

Can you be unconditional with yourself? What a question….

A couple of weeks ago my hubby and I binge watched (well an episode or two a night for awhile) the second season of Frankie and Grace. In one of the final episodes of the season Grace (played by Jane Fonda) asks her daughter if she felt unconditional love when she was growing up. The response was NO. But, the daughter says, it kind of makes sense….because you’re not very unconditional with yourself.

OUCH! Continue reading “TOLT #42: Unconditional Love”

12 Years of Yoga: Dating as a Yoga Instructor

After Elon I spent a summer trying to find a job and waiting for the answer to my last question because I had applied to three different graduate schools. I figured that was where I would go if I couldn’t get a job. I had enough money, or so I thought, to make it to August. I lined up a nanny gig to start that fall and started hearing back from schools.

UNC – I applied too late

High Point – You’re in (but we’re a private school, so no real financial aid)

ECU ….. ECU?…… ECU! I wouldn’t hear back from them until close to the end of the summer. Somehow my application had been misplaced along the way and they didn’t find it until late. I got in there and opted for ECU which is the next part of my story. Continue reading “12 Years of Yoga: Dating as a Yoga Instructor”

Sweet Surrender

My run yesterday morning was warm….like almost 50 degrees before 6am. I do not like this weather and have at least one sympathizer in Caitlin at Fit and Feminist (read her post about running season here). What was amazing about my run yesterday morning was it was the third time on this route that I’ve hit 9 min/mi or less, so I finally get to move on to my next route tomorrow! Today is also that Tuesday before Christmas and that means it’s Sweet Potatoe Biscuit Day!

We are hosting Christmas Brunch this year and I have a plan for how to get there without overwhelming myself. Here’s my 7 day plan for Christmas survival.

Day One: Saturday before Christmas

Plan of action is to run early in the morning, fast clean the house, cook and bake all day, shove the family out of the house, enjoy an evening at home with friends, food, and cookies. Oh yeah, and drink some wine, that’s always a necessity this far out. (Sorry for the lack of photos….I decided to enjoy myself instead of snap a billion pics….recipes for cookies to come!)


Day Two: Sunday before Christmas

Plan of action is to sleep in, make pancakes that will last for a few more mornings this week, attempt to read a book, pretend like you’re not actually going to do anything that day so you can enjoy the day. Also, see Santa and overpay for a picture of the one kid that would sit on Santa’s lap without crying (so should have bought the photo where little one was crying for the price I did pay), and have a nice fire with some friends while exchanging early gifts. Oh yeah, and drink some more wine and hot cocoa(…..just not together, I tried that at home and it was NOT good!)


Day Three: Monday before Christmas

Apple Butter Day! Go for an early run and work on that overdue library book, then eat pancakes, take kids to activities, return things that we don’t need for Christmas (BEFORE Christmas), finish fighting with Shutterfly, enjoy crazy warm weather in December. Don’t forget to submit grades. Oh yeah, and watch a Christmas movie with the family, because it’s ALMOST CHRISTMAS!


Day Four: Tuesday before Christmas

Last day to yourself before hubby is on holiday, so get up early to teach yoga, return library books, bake sweet potatoes and sweet potatoe biscuits, start re-cleaning the house for company, attempt to do something fun with the kids (that doesn’t involve them eating all of the cookies from the cookie exchange), and watch another Christmas movie with the family. Make a chicken pot pie to die for! Oh yeah, and crack open the eggnog….possibly with Brandy?


Day Five: Wednesday before Christmas

Wake up early to run even though it will annoy your hubby who is now on holiday, make a grocery list, catch up on blog reading and enjoy the quiet before everyone else gets up. Today you will go real grocery shopping for whatever else you will need to make it through the next week which doubles as an escape from the house. Hope that the remaining Christmas gift arrives a day early so that you can wrap it. Eat up leftovers in the fridge for lunch, bake Santa cookies with the kids, and make some beautiful salmon for dinner so that your brain is fueled for the days to come.


Day Six: Christmas Eve

Wake up early and don’t teach yoga, but do some yourself upstairs….away from everyone….and possibly get in some much needed meditation. If not, just read Amanda’s Think Out Loud Thursday round-up and get yours posted. Then the prep begins…..make the french toast casserole, cinnamon rolls, and egg casserole, cut up the fruit and stir up the cream cheese dip. Christmas is tomorrow and everyone needs to just chill today! Have all of the dishes done before baked ziti for dinner and watching Home Alone with hot cocoa. Get the kids to bed for the big day!


Day Seven: Christmas

Get up early for a run and so you can beat the kids to the tree and be sure to record them holiday hearthgetting up for the 5th year! (See how long this will last…..) Have time to shower and get dressed after presents and before everyone else gets there. Then, throw it all in the oven, sit back and enjoy! That evening….snack on light fare for dinner and look at the bounty that was a perfect and slightly stress free holiday.

Yeah….that’s my plan….eat cookies, drink a little, exercise, and spend time with the family while taking it one day at a time. Check back in on Thursday and, if I’m not yet committed, I will tell you how it is going. Until then, enjoy this other posts of mine about the holidays:

Shopping for Christmas Already?

What is your holiday attack plan?