Happy Holidays…..See you next year!

This year, like many of them past, has been a challenge of self-study. In yoga we call this Svadhyaya and I've written about it more times than I can count. In the past I've focused on certain areas of study....yoga, fitness, eating, habits, happiness, etc. and it's all brought me closer to enlightenment about myself. …

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Fave Reads Friday #11 – Better Than Before

This is by no means my last post on the subject of habits. I have found this topic of Gretchen Rubin's much easier to embrace than the idea of a Happiness Project.....it probably has to do a lot with my personality. She ends this book with a story of how her youngest daughter wrote a …

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Being Me

In her first book on happiness Gretchen Rubin writes about "Being Gretchen" as one of her personal commandments. It's something that I have always been driven to be....authentically me. Today authentically me feels like someone who yells a lot....both to be heard and out of frustration (and sometimes a combination of the both). In Better …

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