TOLT: Negative Talk and The Best Mile

Today I am extremely unmotivated to swim....lift....or do my Sun Salutations, but I will at least get in the last of those this afternoon. Some of my lack of motivation is due to lack of partners for these activities. I'm telling you.....I need that accountability, even as a Fitress Professional. I wrote to my running …

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TOLT – Habits at Home and Away

I've been thinking more and more about my habits and how they're effected by differing situations. Like how it's so much easier for me to run when I know that I have a race I'm training for or someone to show up to run with. Location also seems to have an impact on my habits.....but …

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I think I've finally solved my email issue....I've learned to hit unsubscribe. Just this morning...Highlights magazine....unsubscribe. This afternoon....Inside Hook Nation...unsubscribe......some random realtor....unsubscribe. It's something I'm considering in regards to blogs as well. I have a few that show up in my reader that I just keep scrolling past. Why? Because I never get responses to …

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