Meditation Monday #50 – Wisdom from Within

A lot of Gates' writing in this section of the book talks about discipline (tapas) and turning inward. In Day 82 he notes that we all start out learning from others, but eventually have to trust our own judgements. Thus is the story of life. Discipline is about creating our own path by following in …

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Meditation Monday #49 – Answers Within

In the Day 81 Reading Gates writes ....we always have everything we need. When we fail to believe this, we suffer. (p.109) How many times have I looked inward for the answer, seen it, and still kept searching? External validation doesn't equal internal happiness...yet, it's a hard cycle to break. Today when I was doing …

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Being Me

In her first book on happiness Gretchen Rubin writes about "Being Gretchen" as one of her personal commandments. It's something that I have always been driven to be....authentically me. Today authentically me feels like someone who yells a lot....both to be heard and out of frustration (and sometimes a combination of the both). In Better …

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