Meditation Monday #42 – How to Meditate: The 5 Koshas (Manomaya)

I swear….I sit down to the computer to write on Monday and what happens? The skies open and the rain falls down! This is the third Monday in a row in which it is raining as I’m writing. Odd since I write at different times of day, but it keeps our theme congruent.

Did you have a great weekend? I have been a little under the weather and went to see the Nurse Practitioner this morning. Nothing major, but it made me want to lay around all day Saturday. I think we’re supposed to have days like that sometimes. However, it makes me bored with my life because I’m so used to doing.

And today is Monday and I’m doing what I can.

I like that phrase and use it often….doing what I can. Why do I like it so much? Because it tells me that I don’t always need to do it all. Hopefully I’ll have a little more of a post on that for you tomorrow. But, for today, what I can and want to do is to talk about Manomaya. Manomaya is the third layer of the body in yoga. Manas is a term often used for the mind, so some people translate Manomaya to be the mental sheath. Others consider the many functions of the mind and split it between the intellectual sheath, which I’ll write about next week, and the emotional sheath.

I found this heat map of the body during different emotions and it made me think about how all parts of you are connected when it comes to emotions. Think about the emotion of anger. Even when I just think of anger my teeth clench and my jaw hurts. My eyes feel like they narrow and my face scowls. I feel hot….red hot.

Now let’s flip the coin and think about love. When I think about love my face relaxes into a state of serenity. My breath heaves in my chest as if I’m full of life. If I think about love for my children I feel warm and relaxed. If I think about love and passion for my husband I feel my stomach a flutter.

Pacheco’s book asks the following questions of Manomaya:

  • How do I want to feel?
  • Which people, places, and activities nurture and balance my emotional life?
  • What does emotional balance feel like in my body?
  • How do I stand, sit, move, and breathe?

I especially like the first and last questions for today. How do I want to feel? It says that we have somewhat of a choice. Think about the exercise I just did with thinking about anger and love. Try it for yourself….think about fear. Think about envy. Think about surprise. What revelations do you have by just thinking an emotion?

How do I stand, sit, move, and breathe? Well, that last exercise can tell me how to answer this question. When I think about pride I smile, I sit a little taller, I move and stand with confidence….my head held high. I suppose if I felt pride I would breathe a little easier. In Chinese medicine and other practices we see that the body is connected. Even if you look at the body from a purely mechanical standpoint you see that there is a kinetic chain and that when one part is broken it effects the efficiency of the other parts.

So, consider this, if I can choose how I feel and in doing so choose how I live, why would I not choose happiness? Obviously it goes deeper than simple choice in some instances, but it’s a jumping off point. For me, today, I choose to look out the window in awe of the rain instead of in gloom. I choose to smile. I choose to sit tall. I choose to breathe easily.

Take a moment to choose an emotion.

Let me know how you live in that emotion.


Drink As You Pour

Drink as you pour ~ Ma Jaya

Yesterday I finally finished going through the Inclusivity Training with Chelsea Jackson Roberts. Throughout the experience she repeatedly quoted her mentor, Ma Jaya, as saying “Drink as you pour” as a reminder that we must give to ourselves as we give to others.

I had considered writing this post as a Meditation Monday post, but I’m currently in the middle of another How to Meditate series and didn’t want to interrupt that flow. But it’s important to consider this statement both as a meditation topic and also as a guiding principle of life. Think about it… can I give to others and also nourish myself? I’ve written before about selfless acts (remember Phoebe?) and also self-care and the need for both in life, not just a “yoga life”.

First, let’s talk course review. I liked the online course and it gave me a lot of great ideas for things to do with my own classes and material for a course I was working on for NETA. However, the format of the course was not completely to my liking. I prefer in person training and the ability to ask questions/get feedback along the way. I have been told that I will get feedback on all of my “assignments/reflections”, but I have finished the course and only once received feedback. I think they had too many people signed up. Also, there were LIVE Q&A sessions that you could attend online. I started the course late and they were Wednesday evenings during our regular dinner time, so it wasn’t possible for me to “attend”. I watched them all later as they appeared throughout the course. It didn’t feel much like Q&A to me and I don’t think I gained much from that perspective.

The thing I probably enjoyed the most was the personal journey attained through reflection and homework assignments. I also REALLY liked learning a few of the breathing exercises and used the Yoga Nidra exercise to help me fall asleep while in my hotel room in Asheville. It’s something I will use as I travel more often as I had really wonderful sleep afterward.

In reflecting throughout the course I found that the material I choose to read (see an upcoming Fave Reads Friday post) are often reflective of my own journey through this world and understanding my own power, privilege, and prejudice. I still firmly believe that I have little prejudice except for against people who are strongly prejudice or who are just outright mean.

For example, I got someone kicked out of the Chevelle concert this past weekend. Why? Because she was a bully. She was harassing two younger concert goers…intentionally…because they wouldn’t move and let her to the front. They had been there since 630pm when the doors opened and rightfully gained their front row status. They stayed, the entire time, without once going to the bathroom or for refreshments. My hubby and I kept trading off and holding our spaces that we also attained at 630pm so that we (because we’re old) could go and get water and use the facilities. She arrived up front during Chevelle’s performance, over 3 hours later. She physically hit and kicked them, slammed her body into them, and yelled verbal obscenities into their ears. Others around us laughed it off to an extent, uncomfortably, as the fact that we’re at a concert and you get banged around. But, I had had enough.

This is not what I considered “concert behavior” and I tattled on the woman. I’m not afraid to say that I did this and she knew it was me, but she didn’t come after me. She went deeper after the two under 21’s. She was clearly in her 40’s or older, she was a larger woman, and she used her weight to throw around her intoxicated and irate body at people who had done nothing wrong.

Eventually, etiquette won out and the kind security officer I complained to had her ejected….to the applause of the people around us. The concert went on and was much more enjoyable for me at that point. The two next to us thanked my husband (not me) when they left. I wasn’t hurt by this; I felt good about standing up for someone else. I am privileged in some ways and disadvantaged in others in my life, but I don’t often stand by when others are being singled out.

My reflections in this course helped me to come to the conclusion that I could do more in standing up for the mistreatment of others. I am considering my options in pursuing this.

Have you considered your power, privilege and prejudice?

How do you drink as you pour?

What courses have you taken lately that have taught you something more about yourself?

Meditation Monday #41 – How to Meditate: The 5 Koshas (Pranamaya)

I swear that all Mondays are rainy ones now and it puts a real damper on my running…especially when I can’t wake up in the morning because my 4yo threw up at 3am and I had to do the usual clean up from that nonsense. Well, after that amazingly long run on sentence, how was your weekend? I went to Myrtle Beach on Saturday to see Chevelle at the House of Blues.

The House of Blues is a great venue for watching concerts and offers a fun “pass the line” feature if you eat at their restaurant. The restaurant is not super vegan/veg friendly, but I also said that we weren’t being strict about that when we go out to eat…..and I paid for it later anyway. I did, however, find myself choosing options that contained more veggies than I used to go for when I was out to eat. I ended up with a spicy turkey burger that was packed full of peppers (and sodium). I really wanted to try the veg sandwich with eggplant or the house salad, but opted for spicy this time around. Spicy is probably one of my favorite flavors, but you have to make sure it’s not too spicy because then you can’t enjoy it.

You may wonder why I’m spending all of this time talking about food? Well, that’s because food is a source of energy. I talk about this all of the time when I teach the PT Workshop and how language has changed. Diet used to mean the culmination of all the food and beverages you consumed. Now it means something restrictive to your eating/drinking patterns. Organic really means containing carbon (hence most food should technically be organic), but now means grown without added pesticides/hormones/genetically modified something. And calorie….or actually kilocalorie….is a measure of energy; not something to be dreaded and counted.

Energy is the essence behind the second of the Kosha layers: Pranamaya. You may have read some posts here on OGB about Pranayama, aka breathing techniques. Pranayama is often translated from Sanskrit to mean: Expansion of the Life Force. This makes sense as prana is your energy and I don’t know anyone who can survive without breathing. The Pranamaya layer represents all of those things that keep you alive. So, where do you get your energy from?

Some yogis claim to go without eating for days or weeks because they just soak up energy from the sun, nature, and sharing it from those around us. I’m not sure if I’m that deep of a yogini, but I do believe that we feed off of each other’s energy. I’ve written about that some in regards to Asteya and stealing from other’s energy.

The energy layer is also represented, in yoga and other practices, as the Chakra level. I keep meaning to write more about the Chakras, but haven’t gotten to that part of our practice together yet. My Yoga I class studies the Chakras and talk about the ways in which their energies are balanced from the most primal level (having enough to eat, clothing, shelter, security, etc) to the highest level of enlightenment (the goal of any good yoga practice).

In our Hatha (physical) yoga practice we often focus on the Pranamaya layer through those breathing exercises, but it is also important to think deeper. Ask yourself:

  • What energizes and inspires me? Remember that the word inspiration means to breath in as well as to fill with an urge to do something.
  • How do I want people to feel when I leave the room? Think about the energy that you exude.
  • What is one behavior I can change that would benefit my Pranamaya layer? Think about ways that you steal your own energy.

These questions are adaptations of the questions found in Pacheco’s book Do Your OM Thing. It’s a great resource for getting deeper into the Koshas. For me, the answers are

  • Practicing yoga, reading new books/blog posts, and exercising because those things help me reach toward enlightenment. They fill me with the desire to learn more, push harder, and learn to accept.
  • I want people to feel happy in my presence and like I am a trustworthy person. I want people to feel calm and centered in my presence, but also inspired to learn more in what I share/teach with/to them.
  • And the behavior I have changed most recently is becoming more aware of how my food fuels my body and my soul. I am still not fully committed to eliminating all animal products all of the time (don’t think I can sacrifice my honey in my tea yet), but I’m making the change for the right reason for me….and that reason is for me and my health. It’s for my Pranamaya layer.

One of my goals for the Wellness Training I am doing for the fall is to take 20 minutes once a week to breathe. So far I’ve fallen short of this goal, but the goal is one that would help my Pranamaya layer and I encourage you to also find 20 minutes this week to just breathe and contemplate your energy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on/response to the questions posed above.

Meditation Monday #39 – Training

Welcome to Monday afternoon! For many of you tomorrow is the big American holiday in which we celebrate our forefathers’ declaration of independence from a tyrant ruler. For others of us it is an excuse to get drunk and eat grilled food while ignoring the fact that you didn’t put on any sunscreen and are wearing a flag. Still, for others of us it is an opportunity for reflection on what it means to be an American. I plan to do some of that last one especially with all that has been in the news of late.

Since last week I have been working slowly through two trainings that are helping me with my meditation goals. The first is an Inclusivity Training offered by AIM Healthy U and Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts. It is a yoga training to help me better discover the ways in which I have privilege, power, and bias in my teaching; and how to turn that into more inclusive yoga teaching. I’m a little more than halfway through the course and hope to do a full evaluation when I am finished, but one greatest things I’ve written down from this course is:

No matter how your body gets there; you’re still doing the yoga

I am also doing a Wellness Training in preparation for teaching this fall. I plan to write a lot more about that in the coming weeks. For this week I have set three action goals:

  • Do something active every day (I have successfully been active for 13 days straight including a run this morning)
  • Meditate 3x/week (I’ve been doing a lot of meditating and self reflection with these two courses)
  • Play a game or go for a bike ride with my kids at least once per week (we did a bike ride last week and I need to spend more time in play in my life)

All of this has fed into the work I did last week in the Meditations from the Mat book with Tapas and discipline. To create discipline is to create health the reading told me, but it also makes you feel like you’re going backwards. You mourn the things you lose during change, even if you want to lose them. Each of these three goals, by completing these two trainings, by just doing the yoga….I am creating a structure of health in my life. This, along with my slow food changes, are leading me to the point where I feel like I in the moment of allowing true self to emerge and burn brightly. I am leaving behind so much more than I could write about in one post.

Next week I hope to get back to writing about the How to Meditate series, but before then I ask you….

What are you changing in your life?

How are you creating discipline: health?

What will you never have again if not this life you once knew?

Fave Reads Friday #9 – Quitting a book

Have you ever started to read a book and then decided that it wasn’t for you? That was me over the last week-ish. I decided to check out the first book (alphabetically by title) on my library saved list:

Cover: Are Women Human? in PAPERBACK

The book must have come from another book I read previously, but I don’t remember where it was cited from. Sometimes references for one book lead me into a whole new book that I thoroughly enjoy….this was not one of those times. Instead, I should label this post as Least Fave Read because I gave it up after 7 days. I tried and I tried to get into the material; to no avail.

The book discusses some very interesting topics, or rather, interesting to me in theory (including theory). However, I don’t particularly care to read about rape, torture, and other social injustices perpetrated on women….because they are women. These are real issues for which I care very much about fighting against, but not something I can stomach reading about in graphic detail.

Some people may say that by not continuing to read the book or by denying the language and depiction of the crimes in the book that I’m turning a blind eye to the injustices and allowing them to continue to go unnoticed. But, I’m not. I still think it’s wrong that in North Carolina, where I currently live, a woman doesn’t have the ability to rescind consent once a sexual act has begun. It’s not considered rape at that point because she consented at the start. I do believe that it’s wrong and a violation of a HUMAN’s right to change their mind (male or female).

I just find that reading about it doesn’t best serve me as a way of educating myself or acting on behalf of change. I would much rather put my time and effort into supporting change through educating others, and educating myself on ways that I can make change to the way that women are treated locally and internationally. Women are human, although most states (not states like United States) do not necessarily define them as such.

For example, look at our own constitution as originally written….and then consider the people in our government who have chosen to use that as our example of what it means to “Make America Great Again”. Is restriction of rights what makes our country great? If so, that explains the current travel ban being enforced along with all of the other negative things that may happen if we continue to consider some of our fellow human beings to be less than ourselves.

At the beginning of each semester of yoga I teach about the history of yoga….the good, the bad, and the ugly of it. There were whole factions of yogis who felt they could only reach enlightenment through violating young women. This too was because the practice was begun by and limited to men for thousands of years. I am the kind of feminist that believes that men and women were created equal in their dignity and deserving of rights. Yoga was not deemed safe for women until the 1920’s, yet now women dominate the practice in this country.

We may not be physically built the same, but we are all human. Our differences matter just as much as they don’t. And, because of this, I still speak out against indifference to exclusion, but still chose to read a different book.

Have you ever found a book that didn’t fit you?

What are you reading now?

Any thoughts on the state of our nation?

Treatment of women locally or world wide?

Meditation Monday #38: Living by the Books

It’s been 11 days since a new post went up on the site. It’s been even longer since I wrote. Why? Because of life. That’s the usual reason. This isn’t my only priority in life and during the summer other things come into play. Additionally, and kind of also as usual for me, I’ve gotten off track with how I handle life. One thing that I know to be true about myself is that I like order and I thrive with a schedule and structure. I’m like a toddler that way…..I need it, but sometimes I try to get around it even though it fails every time.

So, I’m back to living by the books:

  1. My planner that keeps me on track and allows me to check off what I’ve accomplished, but limits my list so that I don’t feel like I’m falling under an ever crashing wave with no room to breathe. It allows me to schedule in and make a priority of play dates and exercise, meditation and meal planning, and limits me to 10 things per day. So, if cleaning the bathroom doesn’t fit onto the list that day; oh well….it can wait.
  2. My reading list at the library and everywhere else. I started reading my emails again and the occasional blog post. I found myself recently with a lot of down time and no books to fill it with. What should I do when I’m caught up on work and the house is fairly clean and the kids are playing by themselves? Well, I can always sneak in a few more push-ups, but I also LOVE to read! I’ve found that I haven’t read a book for myself in ages now and I decided to hit up my Book List for 2017 and saw it to be lacking. So I went to my Saved List at the library and checked out the first one on the list….more about that later.
  3. And finally, Meditations from the Mat. It has been years now that I have intended to finish that book for the third time and it hasn’t gone very smoothly. I was doing other things for meditation, but every time I come back to it there is a renewal of my love for yoga and meditation and a way of living my life that is introspective. This week my yoga teaching for the City of Wilmington ends….no more 530am risings. So, this week, more than ever, I seek that connection to this book….to my meditation practice.

I wish that I had more about meditation for you today, but I woke this morning energized to write and then to read, so I promise more in the future, but for now I ask:

What book(s) keep you on track?

A Yoga Story by Kody – Guest Post

So to start this off let me add some details of how I became to take yoga I. I have always been the type of student who seems to take too many credits and then get overwhelmed. The fall semester of 2016 I decided to take 17 credit hours and my advisor mentioned that it may get stressful. So my thinking was I could find an easy class to take away my stress. Well I was looking for an easy/less stressful class. Under the physical educational section it listed Yoga I. I thought to myself that only women take yoga and I would not be welcomed in. At first I was accepting that this class could not be my stress reliever. Somehow I overcame that fear and said I will try it. I walked in on the first day of class and saw 2 other gentlemen and instantly was at peace with taking Yoga I. I did not know anything about yoga nor had I ever thought I would enjoy it. After taking yoga I, I can proudly say that I’m becoming a yogi as I keep going deeper with my practice.

At first I was really stressed with my classes and struggled with worrying about quizzes and tests. However, right before I take a quiz or a test, I tried something new. I would sit there and meditate and become confident before attempting the quiz or test. Then I dove in and completed it. I notice a night and day difference in just my calmness as well as my grades. The outcome was phenomenal so I made a promise to myself that every quiz or test from here on out I’m going to mediate before taking it to calm down.

I have always had a horrible sleep schedule and noticed when taking 17 credit hours it felt like I was constantly up past 1 am. While taking yoga I noticed that I was getting tired around the time I should be instead of staying up late every night. I can actually get a full 8 hours of sleep instead of the 6 hours of sleep I use to get. This may not seem like a change but I also noticed a change in myself, I had more energy! The day felt longer and I had more energy to get things done.

When we learned the chakras I instantly took into account that I needed to work on getting mine aligned. I know can say I have a better alignment on them then I did beforehand. I do not really think that my chakras are completely aligned but they are much better, and it is personal to me. The fact that I have opened my eyes to certain things about me and shed some light on my strengths and weaknesses is truly amazing.

When we hit the different types of yoga, I incorporated it into my own style. I wake up and instantly do some stretching and then do 10 sun salutations and then I mediate for 20 minutes on what I need to do today and how to make my day better than yesterday. This helps me tackle what I have planned and helps me keep short hand goals on target. I noticed that by incorporating this I am more of a morning person to others, rather than being rude and not talking, I will talk your ear off. It also wake me up really well, gets my blood flowing and feeling good to take on the day. Now I know that by just these little things you may not think it’s wonderful, but to me I feel better doing it my way, it is my yoga.

When we entered yoga II it was even more of an eye opener, we went in depth with hitting the each chakra more in detail and also hitting all of the aims of life. It was crazy to see how certain poses opened up unknown strengths and even on some days the weaknesses of not being able to do those poses. Throwing in a bit of vinyasa and hot yoga along with deep relaxation, it was a wicked fun semester going into detail and hitting lots of points on these types of yoga. I now try to do a faster paced yoga session once a week to get my blood flowing and heart pumping. I told myself that I would maybe drop a few pounds and I actually dropped 10 lbs. by kicking it up a notch and testing my limits.

As I enter the last week of yoga II I look back and could not believe on how far I have become. I can do poses now where back then I did not think I’d ever be able to. Some of the poses I need help on getting them correct but for the most part I would say I am ready to hit up a studio and try another class.

As for my future goals, I set kind of 2 goals. One of them is to keep pursuing my own practicing of yoga and to keep pushing myself to those limits. And the other goal is to try out a class and become an avid member. Hopefully I will survive it and fit in. Thank you Mrs. P for teaching me yoga!

This is the fourth and final post in the series of stories shared by my students on their yoga experience. As the only male student to complete both of my yoga courses, I am in awe of his talent, commitment, and insight. And, Thank You to Amanda for the forum to tell these stories.

My Yoga Journey – Guest Post

My yoga journey…

A little over a year ago, I was recommended by my coach to tried out the yoga class, and I fell in love with it right away. I took the Yoga I last summer and it had changed my daily activity since then. I am active person and I love working out, so I am very glad that I choose to take the yoga class because of my active life. Because we did a lot of different pose in yoga class, so it helped me a lot with my soreness. After my Yoga I class ended, I continued to do the Sun Salutations every morning, to wake myself and my body up to get my day going.

I am taking Yoga II this semester and I would say I understand much more about the concept of the yoga. Yoga is not just about doing the pose, but it is also about teaching people how to react and live their lives in a certain way. Upon taking Yoga II class, I started to see and understand many things that had happened in my life in a different way. Just about two weeks ago in Yoga II class, we were discussing and talking about forgiveness, and why we should forgive certain people when they do not seem to deserve our forgiveness. We are doing this for ourselves.  We need to at least try and forgive those people because we need to let them go, so that we can be free from those hateful feeling and live our own life peacefully.

Upon taking Yoga I and II class with AmberLynn, I have learned so much about yogi life. Long before when I was in high school, I always had an anger issue and I tended to get mad easily at people when things did not go my way. I would say I had changed a lot since I took Yoga I and II classes. I seem to be very much calmer than I used to compare to a few years back. After this yoga class end, I am planning to take some yoga class at Uni if they offer classes over there, or maybe I will just sign up at some local yoga studio around here if I have enough money to pay. But I don’t think I will stop taking yoga class very soon, because yoga did not just improve my mobility, flexibility, and strength, but it also taught me how to become a positive person and, live a peaceful life.

This was the third in the series of posts shared by my students on their yoga experience; the last of which will appear next week. I am always impressed by the ability of my students to share, honestly, their journey and another great Thank You to Amanda for the forum to tell these stories.

My Yoga Story – Guest Post

My first exposure of Yoga ever was Yoga 1 at Cape Fear. Obviously I had little exposure, but I knew there were crazy poses that I thought would increase my flexibility. Initially, I took yoga because I was going to have a hard semester and I needed an extra credit hour. Unknowingly, I would find one of my new passions.

Beginning yoga, we were taught how to breathe. We were taught how to meditate, which I was awful at first. I did not quite understand how to do it until I started researching it on my own time. I like to understand the science to things, which is what really drew me to mediation once I started my research.

There are scientific studies showing the positive effects of meditation. It can actually physically change your mind. It is proven to reduce stress, improve clarity, helps your figure things out, and depending on the meditation, it can help you find bravery in yourself, realize your goals, and just like that, it did for me.

Beginning daily meditation and practicing yoga more often, I began to notice a change in myself. Not only was my anxiety getting better, but overall I was becoming a better me. I was being more mindful, focusing on the things I need to improve. When I first learned about chakras, I was like “hm.. not sure how much I believe this”, but the principal of it is something that I think everyone could use. Beginning with the root chakra, all the way up to the seventh one, helps you realize the things in your live that need fine tuning. Sometimes, one chakra could be excessively open or closed. My throat chakra needed work. I needed to start voicing things more, I needed to speak up when I was upset about something instead of holding it in and dwelling. Which is another thing I learned from yoga, you cannot hoard bad thoughts and negativity. Yoga has taught me and is still teaching me more and more about myself. That is why I will continue to practice more and more. With my meditation, my poses, and realizing more about myself. Yoga is helping me learn who me is, and the me I want to be.

This was the second in the series of posts shared by my students on their yoga experience. I greatly appreciate this student’s willingness to share her journey and another great Thank You to Amanda for the forum to tell these stories.

My Yoga History – Guest Post

“It is only through proper and unselfish meditation that the student can finally enter the temple of the undistracted mind, and in silence and aloneness come to the realization of the One Ultimate Reality and the pace beyond understanding”

Yoga for Americans


It’s harder to meditate when we need it the most, specially if we feel unhappy. But why do we feel unhappy? Ones feels unhappy when trapped in a situation, when it is impossible to leave some things to get others. “It takes courage…”

My experience with breathing and meditation is getting better, and our class Yoga II is giving me the courage to the changes I’m making in my life. To be strong is key for nurturing my mind, soul and body, and to keep me going through the difficulties and tasks of life. But still now at my 58 years old, and knowing the importance of meditation, it has been impossible to sit 20 minutes at the same time every day, and just ….Meditate.

I confess that I have never been able to do so, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t meditate. I meditate in class, and sometimes when I get up in the mornings, but I also I meditate with activities like swimming, walking, praying, and even driving!

The asanas like the Warrior Pose are very nurturing, and revealing. When adopting the pose first I see like a movie of what I have achieved in life, and how long and difficult is the way ahead. Virabhadrasana is very powerful for women of all ages, but in my case when I raise my arms perpendicular to the floor and parallel to each other (Warrior One), I just get my strength back. Then, it comes Warrior Two: The arm behind represents the past, and the one in front, the future.

And I’m in the present, seeing how life is taking place, through my breathing. Then, I give thanks. I am very thankful of all my teachers, the ones that are making me understand that is only me for me. We come to this world alone, and we will leave alone, no matter how many people we have surrounding our deathbed.

So thinking in the future, I know I have to start to limit indulging. My body needs to be strong and straight, balanced, and my gaze firmly looking ahead. I’m fortunate because I can have a fresh start, even that I have to  live with a little of arthritis and my hip hurts. I have a beautiful family, I have travel thousands of miles, I’ve met interesting people, and I have had money to spent.

But with the “acceleration of the times” I don’t know what will happen to the human being. I have never lived in war, I was never experience sexual violence, so I’m really grateful. But I think that even if the war comes, if I practice my warrior and restorative poses, and meditate everyday in any way I can, I know I will know how to react.

I don’t want to stop achieving goals in my life, but if the way ahead is long and difficult, my breathing and the poses will support me. And when is my time to go, I won’t be afraid. Yoga and Faith go together in me, and I’m fortunate to live to cultivate them.



This was the first in the series of posts shared by my students on their yoga experience. I greatly appreciate this student’s willingness to share her journey and another great Thank You to Amanda for the forum to tell these stories.