Meditation Monday #39 – Training

Welcome to Monday afternoon! For many of you tomorrow is the big American holiday in which we celebrate our forefathers' declaration of independence from a tyrant ruler. For others of us it is an excuse to get drunk and eat grilled food while ignoring the fact that you didn't put on any sunscreen and are …

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Fave Reads Friday #9 – Quitting a book

Have you ever started to read a book and then decided that it wasn't for you? That was me over the last week-ish. I decided to check out the first book (alphabetically by title) on my library saved list: The book must have come from another book I read previously, but I don't remember where …

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Roots of Love

Wilmington, North Carolina has once again been ranked at the top of the list for cities most addicted.....and especially to opioids. In the town I live in and surrounding counties there are approximately 100 beds for those seeking addiction treatment. The majority of those are reserved for men. Of the few available for women, there …

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